Training Auditing Occupational HSE (Health, Safety and Environment) Bulan Ini

Training Auditing Occupational HSE

Training Auditing Occupational HSE (Health, Safety and Environment)

PENDAHULUAN Training Auditing HSE Occupational Health, Safety and Environment (HSE) Auditing

HSE Auditing is one of the best systematic measurement and management tools to evaluate and improve HSE Performance of company / industry activities as well as to prevent and reduce losses such as occupational diseases, personal injury, property damage, fire, process disruption, environmental damage / pollution, etc., by comparing between HSE Program Implementation and established HSE Standards / Laws / Regulations / Best Practices.


TUJUAN Training Occupational Health, Safety and Environment (HSE) Auditing

During and after attending this valuable and interesting course, the course participants will be able to :

  1. Know and understand HSE Standards / Laws / Regulations / Best Practices both National (Government of Indonesia or GOI) and International.
  2. Know, understand and implement Principles of Loss Control Management as well as HSE Auditing Process and Procedures, so that he / she will become both a HSE Internal Auditor and HSE Auditee
  3. Develop Internal and External HES Auditing
  4. Identify problems of HSE Program Implementation and suggest solutions / recommendations include action plans


MATERI Training Auditing Occupational HSE (Health, Safety and Environment)

  1. Introduction to HSE-GOI Laws / Regulations
  2. Causes and Effects of Loss
  3. Principles of Loss Control / HSE Management System (SMK3, OHSAS 18001, ISO 14001)
  4. Measurement Techniques and Tools for Management
  5. Overview Concepts of HSE Auditing
  6. Introduction to HSE Auditing and Rating System
  7. Factors in Successful HSE Auditing and Programs Implementation
  8. Verification and Interviewing Techniques in HSE Auditing
  9. Physical Conditions Inspections Guidance in HSE Auditing
  10. Introduction to Report Writing of HSE Auditing
  11. Group Exercises in HSE Auditing Activities (Personal Audit and Resource Report ; Demeanor of the Auditor ; Interview Techniques ; Physical Conditions Evaluation ; Report Writing, etc.)
  12. Pre – Course Examination ; Post – Course Examination ; Course Evaluation



Supervisors, Section Heads, Superintendents and Department Heads / Managers of all departments and from various companies / industries such as Oil / Gas Exploration & Production and Refinery, Geothermal, Petrochemicals, General Mining ( Coal, Gold, Nickel, etc. ), Constructions and other industries, and whoever involve in HSE Auditing.


PEMATERI Training Auditing Occupational HSE (Health, Safety and Environment)

Tim Pemateri / Instruktur atau Narasumber yang kami ikut libatkan terdiri dari para Akademisi / Praktisi yang berkompeten dibidangnya dengan Metode Presentasi, Diskusi, Bedah Kasus dan Simulasi.


DURASI Training Auditing Occupational Health, Safety and Environment (HSE) Auditing

2 Hari di Yogyakarta (lokasi lain dapat di-request sesuai kebutuhan dan jumlah peserta).



Rp 6.000.000,- / peserta plus penginapan 2 malam

Rp 4.250.000,-/ peserta tanpa penginapan

Minimal running 3 peserta


Modul, antar jemput bandara, souvenir, cofee break 2x, makan siang 1x

In House : Rp. 13.000.000,-

Belum termasuk : pajak, copy materi, tiket pulang pergi trainer dan tim, penginapan dan tempat training.



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